Racial Justice Ministry

We believe that Racism can be both blatant and subtle, individual and systemic.  We reject Racism's declaration that some people inherently have less value than others.  We are committed to finding, naming, and opposing Racism wherever we find it, including within ourselves.

Racial Justice Ministry

KUMC's Racial Justice Ministries aims to educate and eliminate Racism in our immediate community and beyond. This group meets often to discuss current issues, plan events, and promote those programs in our area that speak to unity and equality for all. 

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Ally Training Author Event

Wednesday, August 28

Join author Heather Fleming for a conversation about Race.  This event can be an on ramp for people new to the conversation or those who want to learn something new.

At Kirkwood United Methodist Church, we are committed to becoming ALLIES for Racial Justice.  We realize that we as a church and we as individuals are not there, yet.  Join us for this event as part of our focus on ALLY Training.
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You're Not There, Yet


It is tempting to believe that we have already arrived. We aren't there, yet. Being an ALLY requires training. 

Ally Training Includes:


Being an ALLY requires doing Self-Work to learn implicit biases and surprising advantages. 


Being an ALLY requires using one's voice to Advocate for Justice in some way. 


Being an ALLY requires building Friendships with people of another race. 


Being an ALLY requires learning about Systemic Racism and the Black Experience in the United States. 


Our Vision: 

To train a community of Racial Justice ALLIES who live out that vision in their everyday lives. 

We will plan opportunities for Self-Work, Advocacy, Friendship, and Education. 

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