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Current Sermon: Table Talk

November 7 - 21

Tables can be a place of connection, discovery, and healing. A place where we “put it all on the table” instead of sweeping under the rug. Christ’s table wasn’t just a one time special liturgical event, but a way of life. Life is about relationships, about pulling up a chair, about not just the food, but the people we share it with.  It’s hard to hate someone you are having pie with. These sermons in this series will include concrete invitations: host a dinner party, take someone out to coffee, actually get to know your family in a new way, invite someone you don’t know to lunch. Church will take place “in the round” and include weekly communion.

This page will feature the current sermon series. All other sermons can be found on KUMC's Vimeo Page. 

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Contemporary Worship

9 am in The Commons


Traditional Worship

10:30 am in the Sanctuary


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