Mission & Vision

It is our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our vision is to embody Jesus Christ’s inclusive love for the seeker, the cynic, the flawed and the faithful.

Christ's Love in Action

Come and see how Christ's Love is truly in action at Kirkwood United Methodist Church, through some of the following ministries below. 

  • Fed To Feed Others

    At KUMC, we are "Fed to Feed Others!" All are invited to Kirkwood United Methodist Church and all are invited to the Communion Table on the first Sunday of the month. And as you are fed by Christ, you are also invited to share that love with others through the donation of non-perishable food items.  KUMC's food collection efforts help stock five other local food pantries in our community every month. The need is still great as many families are still facing hardships due to COVID-19. You can donate items using these three options; 

    • Drop items in KUMC's Donation Bin in front of the glass doors weekdays from 9 am - 3 pm.
    • Bring items to church with you on Sunday to donate in person at the Mission Window indoors.
    • Bringing a load? Drive up on Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 10 am before Worship and volunteers will unload your car. 
  • Drive-Thru Food Giveaways

    KUMC, in cooperation with other community partners has been able to sponsor drive-thru food giveaways for those in need. In an one day event, 276 families were fed in October 2020, and a second event in November 2020 provided food for 300 families. Your continued food donations, and volunteer hours are greatly appreciated to make these events a success. All are invited to help. Check back often for future Drive-Thru giveaways here. 


    Julie Sherwood

    314.966.8167 x131


  • InClusive Ministries

    KUMC is ready to welcome you! We have a new inclusive Ministries initiative, and offer volunteer activities to help in our community and learning opportunities about inclusvie ministries to all. Watch for Events on Facebook.



    Lorri Coates

    314.966.8167 x105


  • KUMC Racial Justice Ministries

    KUMC's Racial Justice Ministries aims to educate and eliminate Racism in our immediate community and beyond. This group meets often to discuss current issues, plan events, and promote those programs in our area that speak to unity and equality for all. 


    Dolan Bayless

    314.966.8167 x110


Racial Justice Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Education Series

October 10  through November 14, 2021

Kirkwood United Methodist Racial Justice Group aims to present a variety of opportunities for members of KUMC's congregation and people of the community to explore and understand the complex landscape of racial justice, particularly through the lens of Kirkwood and surrounding areas. With racial justice as our mission, we recognize that a variety of perspectives and topics are needed to ground us in this critical work. This series comprises four unique, but deeply connected opportunities to learn about race, racial justice, and our community. Each opportunity can be attended as a standalone event, but taken as a whole they will paint a more complete picture of our past,  present, and future. 

  • Ongoing Opportunity oNE: 

    Racial Justice Sunday Sermon Series

    With Pastor Katie Trinter

    & Reverend Sharon L. Williams

    Sundays, October  10, 17, and 24 At KUMC or Online

    We live in a world of troubled waters where racial justice and equality are still a distant dream. In this sermon series, we explore issues of contemporary racism and injustice, through the lens of scripture, and God’s vision of a just and loving world. We will be unpacking some hard truths, while also dreaming of how, with God’s help, we can build a more just world. 

    Join Pastor Katie Trinter or Reverend Sharon L. Williams in Worship at 9 am and 10:30 am on Sunday mornings at KUMC, or online live streaming on KUMC's Facebook page.  This sermon series will also be available to watch anytime here on the website sermon page or KUMC's Vimeo page

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  • Opportunity TWO: 

    Race and Education Session
    Sunday, October 10 at 7 pm in KUMC's Sanctuary

    This session will unpack the complicated landscape our current schools and educators face as it relates to race and racial justice. If you are curious about what is currently taught in schools, how this differs from education in the past, what the vision is for these topics in public schools moving forward, and what the “critical race theory” debate is truly about, this session is for you. The session will be moderated by Barbara Phifer, Missouri House Representative. Speakers will include Heather Fleming, founder of Missouri Equity Education Project, Michelle Hamilton, mother of a recent Kirkwood graduate, as well as a representative from the Kirkwood School District. Information will be presented, and time allotted for a question-and-answer element.  

  • Opportunity Three: Racial Justice Panel – Growing up Black in St. Louis

    Sunday, October 24, 7 pm In KUMC's Sanctuary

    This panel discussion will be comprised of members of the St. Louis and Kirkwood community who bring perspectives on key topics from the past, present, and their hopes for the future of our community. Join us to listen as they share their personal stories and experiences regarding race relations, education, community, and change from growing up in the St. Louis area. Often, these topics can feel distant and removed from our own circles, so we hope this panel discussion provides an opportunity to gain insight on the experiences of our neighbors right here in our neighborhoods.

  • Opportunity Four: 

    Race and Legislation Panel Discussion
    Sunday, November 14, 7 pm In KUMC's Sanctuary

    Speaking through the frame of “yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” this panel will discuss legislation and policy related to race and racial justice. Topics to be discussed include: Missouri’s racial history – The Missouri compromise, KUMC’s history as a Southern Methodist church that supported racism, voters’ right legislation, critical race theory legislation, and redistricting legislation.