Mission & Vision

It is our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our vision is to embody Jesus Christ’s inclusive love for the seeker, the cynic, the flawed and the faithful.

Christ's Love in Action

Come and see how Christ's Love is truly in action at Kirkwood United Methodist Church, through some of the following ministries below. 

  • Fed To Feed Others

    The first Saturday of each month, our congregation drives-thru the parking lot at KUMC to pick up communion elements for Sunday Worship, and to donate non-perishables to help stock five other local food pantries in our community. As food insecurity increased during COVID-19, food donations increased tremendously from our Fed to Feed Others monthly events. The mission goal for for 2020 was raised in August to be 20,000 food item donations, and it's looking like we'll surpass even that number! You're invited to help Feed Others too and bring donations at any of these monthly events.  

  • Drive-Thru Food Giveaways

    KUMC, in cooperation with other community partners has been able to sponsor drive-thru food giveaways for those in need. In an one day event, 276 families were fed in October 2020, and a second event in November 2020 will provide food for 300 families. Your continued food donations, and volunteer hours are greatly appreciated to make these events a success. All are invited to help. 


    Julie Sherwood

    314.966.8167 x131


  • InClusive Ministries

    KUMC is ready to welcome you! We have a new inclusive Ministries initiative, and offer volunteer activities to help in our community and learning opportunities about inclusvie ministries to all. Watch for Events on Facebook.



    Lorri Coates

    314.966.8167 x105


  • Social Justice Ministries

    KUMC is active in the community with social justice initiatives to advocate for the justice and care of our families, our neighbors, all creatures and the earth. All are invited to take part in the social justice programs of KUMC, which include:

    • Witnessing Whiteness learning seminar offered yearly
    • Social Justice Movie Nights
    • Action groups for causes including Climate Change, Racial Justice, Food Insecurity, and more.
    • Voter’s Ballot Notarization for the 2020 Election
    • Co-Sponsoring MLK Book Giveaway in Kirkwood

    314.966.8167 x122


  • KUMC Racial Justice Ministries

    KUMC's Racial Justice Ministries aims to educate and eliminate Racism in our immediate community and beyond. This group meets often to discuss current issues, plan events, and promote those programs in our area that speak to unity and equality for all. 


    Dolan Bayless

    314.966.8167 x110