Giving Philosophy

The Bible teaches that Jesus talked more about money and possessions than almost any other topic.  Jesus cautions us that our wealth can become the object of our trust, taking the place of God.  When we are emotionally and financially invested in material possessions, we can become reliant on them for comfort and happiness. (Matthew 6:19)

At Kirkwood UMC our mission is helping people on their path to discipleship.  We recognize that having a generous heart is the sign of spiritual strength and maturity.  It’s said that generosity is genius because it changes our lives by connecting us with God and helping us invest in what matters most.  Generosity frees our hearts and becomes a tool God uses to align us more closely with God’s plan for our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11)

What’s important to know is that:

  • A Christian’s Call to Generosity is not about the church’s need for money, but the giver’s need to give.  Understanding our calling is not about giving to a “cause,” but instead, giving from a loving and generous heart. When we freely give of our God-given time, talents, and finances, we bear fruit and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Ultimately all things are owned by God.  Thus, when it comes to giving… our decision is about what we will withhold from God, who is the rightful owner of all that we have.
  • We are to give to God first, regularly and joyfully, and to try to increase the amount each year.  God measures generosity by the level of sacrifice we are willing to make. (Mark 12:41)
  • In the end, God blesses us with abundance so we can bless others. (Genesis 12:2)  Spiritual maturity is exhibited by the one who cheerfully partners with God and remains responsive to God’s prompting to live a life of generosity.

At Kirkwood UMC we know that our generosity is our faithful response to the infinite generosity of God, who is the giver of all good gifts.  (James 1:17)


Joann Grindler

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